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TOP Frequently Asked Questions

Our FAQ section has information about our products. Please browse through our FAQ to see if your question or problem has already been addressed.

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A.6.1 Is there any chance that my data will be lost or damaged?
A.1.1 What is the download/upload speed of ASUS WebStorage ?
B.2.1 How do I backup the important files or folders of my computer?
A.2.2 How can non-ASUS users or ASUS users who purchased ASUS model with no pre-load software activate ASUS WebStorage?
A.3.7 What mobile O/S does ASUS WebStorage support?
A.5.3 How does ASUS WebStorage process the data of an expired account?
A.5.4 How is the Cloud storage space and usage period calculated for ASUS device bundle users after purchasing ASUS WebStorage?
A.7.1 What is the ASUS WebStorage reward plan and what are the reward contents?
B.2.5 When the original copy of a file in the local machine is deleted, will the backup copy in the ASUS WebStorage be deleted at the same time?
A.4.3 Can I access the files stored in ASUS WebStorage from other computers?